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Sound Mixer - Sound Editor - Recordist



Pre-Mastering Version

"Block Rockin Beats" - Nerigatoz

Mastered Version  

"Block Rockin Beats" - Nerigatoz

Noise Removal 

Electric Piano recorded through a Direct Box--suffering from a common issue of ground hum and buzz. 

Pre-Noise Removal

Noise Removed

Sound Design

The idea for Only Skin was to capture unextraordinary and common sounds with intent to repurpose them and make them impactful. For example, the flame in the thumbnail was originally steam off a steam press and a creaky door. Heavy processing was used to pitch down, reverse, distort, add artificial bass, and reverb. The result is something to say about the power of creative thinking and modern audio production.

Flux is the moment of change between two points...

This original sound design was created entirely within Pro Tools, specifically, with Xpand! 2 a nice little and often overlooked synthesizer plugin. This completely digital synth helped me create every whoosh, whip, and organic mutter that is, Flux.

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